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Event Ticketing - Step by Step Guide

Last updated:
June 9, 2023

GalaBid includes a Buy Now feature which can be used to sell tickets to an in-person or an online event.  

The Guest Experience

Ticket purchasers choose the ticket they wish to buy along with the quantity. They are then prompted to enter some details to register to the GalaBid campaign and process their payment. Purchasers can pay with a debit or credit card or via Apple or Google pay. Once the payment is processed they will receive an invoice which will be marked as paid. This can be presented as proof of purchase to enter the event.

Follow the steps below or view this tutorial video.

Event Ticketing Demo

See this demo campaign as a simple example.  

Step by Step Guide

To recreate a similar set up follow these steps.

Step One - GalaBid Account Set Up

If you have not already set up an account on GalaBid set one up at or speak to your local representative.

Step Two - Campaign Set Up

Click Create campaign. It’s a case of a few fields to complete, to set up the shell of your campaign.  

Step Three - Payment Processing

Head over to Setup > Payments and click to set up a Stripe account or connect an existing Stripe account. This enables you to automatically receive the proceeds into your bank account. To ask purchasers to cover the cost of the transaction fees see this article.

Tip: Make sure to choose Individual/Sole Trader if you are not representing an organization when setting up your Stripe account.

Step Four - Participant Invoice

On Setup > TAX/Invoicing complete the details that will be displayed on the invoice each participant receives when they make a payment to your campaign. This typically includes the name of the organiztaion or individual collecting the funds along with contact details for any queries. Read more about the Invoice template.

Step Five - Registration Settings

On Setup > Registration you can create custom fields if you require additional information to be collected. For example you can add a text field to collect details of any dietary requirements. You can also add any terms and conditions relevant to ticket sales.

Step Six - Tickets

Go to the Items section in the side menu. Click Create item and choose buy now. Complete the fields Include one or more images and a description including any terms and conditions of sale. If you have more than one ticket type set up a Category for Event tickets and add each ticket item to the category.

Step Seven - Campaign Branding

On the side menu go to Branding to add colours, logos etc. Here you can also set up a widget page and include a widget for Event Tickets. Link the Event ticket widget to the Event Tickets Category. To have Event Tickets accessible from the side menu go to Setup > Menu and click to Add a Menu option. Choose Item or Category for Section type and then link to the category or an individual item.

Step Eight - Link to Share with supporters

You will find the link to your campaign in the top left corner of your campaign dashboard. Direct supporters to this link to purchase tickets and participate in fundraising.

Step Nine - Tracking and Reporting

Access the Summary page in the side menu to see your total raised in real time. For a detailed report of buy now purchases go to the Reports Section in the side menu and download the Bids and Buys Report. Click on the Purchases tab to see all purchases made on your campaign.