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How can I give participants the option to receive text notifications?

Last updated:
June 6, 2023

See Setup > Registration in the dashboard forRegistration settings and fields available to edit.

Email is the primary communication channel on GalaBid. Email is on by default and this registration setting cannot be edited on US, Canada, UK and EU (excluding ROI) campaigns.

Campaign notifications are sent by via email by default. The participant must verify their email as part of the registration process.

If using the paid version of GalaBid you can provide participants with the option to change their preference to receive notifications via text message instead of email. Do this by making the phone number field optional or required.

Participants will then be given the option to check the box to receive notifications via text. If they check the box they will be sent a verification code to their phone. Once they click the link in the text or enter the verification number their phone number will be verified and they will receive campaign notifications via text, instead of email.

See how this is presented to participants when registering in the image below.

To see how registration works on your campaign, go to your campaign link and register as a participant.