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How do I a refund a voluntary contribution made in error?

Last updated:
November 1, 2023

To refund a voluntary contribution, the payment, including the voluntary contribution, needs to be refunded in GalaBid.

1) Go to Checkout Console > PAYMENTS. Search the name of the participant. Once the payment is located click Refund Payment. Note that the refund is processed by Stripe and can take approximately 10 days to reach the participant's bank account. Note also that the transaction fees charged by Stripe on the original payment are non-refundable.


2) The participant can then go back to the message they received originally which includes the link to their invoice. Or they can access their invoice/check out by logging into the campaign from any browser.


3) From the invoice, the participant can then proceed to payment and before clicking the Pay button, they can click 'Or enter a custom amount' and enter 0 to remove the voluntary contribution or choose a different amount.

This video shows how this is done.

Please note that if a payment is refunded in Stripe (instead of in GalaBid) the voluntary contribution will not be refunded.