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A guide to reports available in GalaBid

Last updated:
January 31, 2024

The Reports section for each campaign is located in the lefthand menu in the dashboard. The reports are downloadable Excel files. Here isthe data that you will find in each one.


The report lists participants’ contact details along with their invoice details - auction item(s) won, donation(s) made, items/tickets purchased along with the subtotal for each. The dispatch status is also available for each item on each invoice. Campaign admins can dispatch individual items or all items on an invoice via the Checkout Console.

The invoice total, the amount paid, any outstanding amount owing and any refunds are listed in the Invoices Report. Notes added to the invoice via the Checkout Console are also included.

Invoice Report Columns


The payments report details all campaign payments including any taxes or fees, Stripe fees and refunded amounts. This report shows the profit of the campaign after any applicable items on consignment costs, GalaBid software fees (Fixed percentage Fee) and Stripe fees have been deducted. Note that the campaign profit total excludes any refunded amounts.  

Payment Report Columns

The Amount column shows the amount paid to the campaign excluding any voluntary contribution made to GalaBid. Stripe fees are charged on the total of the amount paid to the campaign plus any voluntary contribution made to GalaBid.


This report includes a summary sheet for each item type - Auction, Donation, Buy Now and Raffle. Auction items list winning bidder in item order.  

Auction Items Sheet

Auction Tab in Summary Report

Raffle Items Sheet

Raffle Tab in Summary Report

Buy Now/Purchase Items Sheet

Buy Now Tab in Summary Report

Donations Sheet

Donations Tab in Summary Report

The Participants & Invoices reports are also included as individual sheets in the Summary Report. See what is included in the Participants and Invoices reports below.

Bids and Buys

This report details participant activity by item type - Auction, Donation, Buy Now and Raffle. This report also shows if the transaction was placed via Volunteer Mode or Kiosk Mode. Note that Kiosk mode has been phased out for 95% of campaigns.

The auction sheet lists all bid amounts, bidder names, contact details and timestamps.

Auction Tab in Bids and Buys Report

The donations sheet lists donations amounts, donor names, phone numbers and email addresses

Donations Tab in Bids and Buys Report

Buy Now/Purchase Items

Purchase Items in Bids and Buys Report

Raffle Ticket Purchases

Raffle Ticket Tab in Bids and Buys Report

Raffle Tickets & Winners

The report lists individual raffle tickets sold and winning tickets.

Raffle Report

Notification Messages

The report details each notification sent to campaign participants by email or text (SMS).

Campaign Notifications Report


This report includes a summary sheet for each item type - Auction, Donation, Buy Now and Raffle. Auction items include winning bidders by item. The Donation, Buy Now and Raffle sheets include the total for each individual item. See the Summary report above for details of the data included in each sheet.

Items on Consignment (IOC)

This report includes the cost of any consignment items added to the campaign along with the winning bidder, winning bid amount and profit generated by each sold item.

Items on Consignment Columns


The report includes all participants’ details completed during campaign registration, along with the registration status for each participant.

Participants Columns