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How do participants register to my campaign?

Last updated:
February 9, 2024

Option 1 - Campaign Registration Page

Participants visit the campaign link on a browser and navigate Register in the left hand menu. On the Registration page they can register using social media or, by completing the registration form.

Find your campaign's unique link on the campaign's dashboard, in the top bar on the left hand side.

Link and QR Code in Campaign Dashboard

QR Code

A QR code is located next to the campaign's unque link in the campaign's dashboard. Click this QR code to view and download two QR codes, one for the campaign's homepage and one for the campaign's registration page. The Registration Page QR code is most often used to fast track registration at in-person events.

Campaign Home and Registration Page QR Codes

Option 2 - Place a bid/make a purchase

Participants can browse the campaign without registering. They will be prompted to register when they make their first bid or purchase.

‍Option 3 - Text to Register

Participants text the campaign's url extension to a mobile number to fast track the registration process. They then click the link in the text they receive from GalaBid, to verify their phone number and complete any additional registration fields. In the GalaBid dashboard see the Useful Documents section for print friendly instructions.

The Phone number field must be enabled on the campaign's Registration settings. Visit the Useful Documents section in your campaign's dashboard for Text to Register Instructions.

You may need to upgrade your GalaBid account to access Text to Register.

Option 4 - Individual Invites

You can invite participants one at a time via the Participants section.