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Collecting participants' addresses for shipping

Last updated:
June 5, 2023

Custom Field Option

An address field can be included in the registration form participants complete. Add it in Setup > Registration. This can be set to optional or mandatory. This will ask all participants, not just those who will require an item to be physically shipped to provide address details when registering to the campaign. Addresses collected will show on participants' invoices in the Checkout Console.

Communication to Individual Participants

Alternatively, campaign managers use the relevant participants' contact details (in Participants) to ask for shipping addresses at the relevant time. Messages can be sent direct from GalaBid to individual participants however a specified email address/number to call would need to be included in the message. Replying to the message sent from GalaBid won't suffice as these messages are one-way, no-reply.

Enabling Vouchers

Another way to do this is by enabling vouchers on your items, if you edit the item scroll to the bottom of the page beneath the item description, click advanced options, and then enable vouchers.  In text box enter the instructions specific to the item, for example "Please contact with your address so we can ship your item to you". Vouchers are only sent to the winners of the items once payment has been received.