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How do I credit raffle ticket sales to individual ticket sellers?

Last updated:
February 8, 2024

This can be achieved by adding a custom field to the raffle campaign's registration form. Ticket purchasers can then type the name of the person to credit with the sale into the custom field. The campaign administrator has access to this data via the Participants report.

Step One

Go to the setup tab > registration.

GalaBid Setup Tab > Registration

Step Two

Click add a custom field.

You will then want to set the field type to 'Text' and write in the custom field for example 'Student/Member of staff you purchased your ticket from'

GalaBid Setup Tab > Registration

Tick the box saying 'Participant must fill in this field' and add help text if you wish.

Now when your supporters purchase tickets they will be directed to complete this information as part of their registration.

Step Three

Download the Participants report in the Reports section to view the data entered.