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Crowdfunding Campaign - Step by Step Guide

Last updated:
October 31, 2023

Setting up a Crowdfunding Campaign on GalaBid can be completed in a short amount of time, especially if you already have a Stripe account. However, if you don’t, fear not, setting up a Stripe account can be done from within the GalaBid dashboard.

Follow the steps below or view this help video.

Step One - Register for a GalaBid account

Register for a GalaBid at or speak to your local representative.

Step Two - Create Campaign

Click Create campaign. It’s a case of a few fields to complete to set up the shell of your campaign.  

Step Three - Your Story

Go to Items in the side menu Click Add Item and select Crowdfunding. Now it’s time to tell your story, add images and set a target if you would like to.  

Add suggested donation amounts in the Advanced Settings Section.


See a campaign example at

Tip: Describe why and what you are crowdfunding for as specifically as you can. For example if fundraising for a football team, you could specify that the proceeds will be used to pay for Winter Jackets and Away Kits..

Tip: Set up a realistic target that’s achievable over the course of a few weeks. You can carry on collecting funds once the target has been reached.

Step Four - Payment Processing

Head over to Setup > Payments and click to set up a Stripe account or connect an existing Stripe account. This enables you to automatically receive the proceeds into your bank account.  

Tip: Make sure to choose Individual/Sole Trader if you are not representing an organization when setting up your Stripe account.

Step Five - Cover your campaign's transaction costs

Decide if you would like to ask supporters to cover Stripe’s transaction fees. This enables you to keep more of the proceeds raised by the campaign. If you would too, click the pencil icon to edit the Online Payment fee, complete the fields and click Done. (Setup > Payments) To see the Stripe fees in your region visit Read a step by step guide here.

Alternatively, don’t change any settings and your campaign will absorb the transaction fees. The fees will be automatically be deducted by Stripe.

Tip: We recommend setting the option for donors to cover transaction fees as we find most supporters are happy to do this.

Step Six - Branding

If you would like to customise your campaign you can change colours, add banners and logos over in the Branding Section.

Tip: Add colours along with any logos you are authorised to use for a super professional looking page.

Step Seven - Supporter Invoice Template

On Setup > TAX/Invoicing complete the details that will be displayed on the invoice each participant receives when they make a payment to your campaign. This typically includes the name of the organization or individual collecting the funds along with contact details for any queries.  

Now you are ready your unique link with potential supporters on social media and email. Your unique link is located at the top left corner of your campaign's dashboard. Tip: Don’t forget to keep everyone updated on your progress throughout your campaign.

Good Luck and happy Crowdfunding.

If you have any questions along your journey our dashboard includes Help articles, videos and a friendly and knowledgeable online support team ready to chat with you.