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Do we have to be a non-profit/ registered Charity to use GalaBid?

Last updated:
May 16, 2024

Any individual can use GalaBid and donate the funds raised to their chosen charity.

Registered charities, non-profit organizations and commercial companies can also use GalaBid.

If raising money on behalf of a charity it is best practice to invite a finance representative from the charity as an Admin on your GalaBid account so they can link the charity's Stripe account to your campaign. See how to invite additional administrators to your account here. The funds raised are then automatically directed to the charity. If raising money on behalf of an organization, ensure you have permission in writing to use the organization's logos on your campaign. GalaBid will remove any campaign that displays an organization's logo without permission.

Fundraisers using GalaBid must also ensure that they comply with local laws concerning online gambling, online auctions, charitable fundraising etc.