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Does GalaBid work in languages besides English?

Last updated:
February 9, 2024

Currently GalaBid only works in the English language.

We only know of 1 work around for this on the Google Chrome web browser, you can add the Google Translate extension to your browser and this will then translate web pages for you.

Here is how to do this, first go to the 'Google Chrome Web Store' and search 'Google Translate' under Extensions this should show at the top, click on this and then 'Add to Chrome'

Once added Google translate will then show in your extensions.

To translate a web page click this icon at the top of your web browser:

Google Chrome Browser

The select 'Google Translate' once selected a pop up will appear:

Google Translate Extension

Click 'TRANSLATE THIS PAGE' then a small bar will appear between the top of the browser and the page, select the language you would like to translate to and it will then translate the entire page.

GalaBid Demo Campaign

Note: This only affects text on the page, any images will need to be manually translated or uploaded in the preferred language.