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GalaBid Pricing (US, Canada, UK & EU (excl ROI)

Last updated:
October 19, 2023
There are two GalaBid software pricing options to choose from.
These options apply in all countries where Stripe payment processing is available, including North America and Europe.
(See for a full list of countries)

For pricing in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and ROI, kindly speak to your local representative.

1) Pricing Option 1 - Voluntary Contributions

(Free Software + Voluntary Contributions + Stripe Fees)

See this link to view a video walk through of the Voluntary Contribution Pricing Option or read through the following information:

What is It?

The Voluntary Contribution option means the GalaBid platform is provided without a software fee. The only costs incurred will be Stripe’s transaction fee (see below).  

How Does It Work?

People who participate in your campaign (e.g. by buying a raffle ticket, or winning an auction item) are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards GalaBid’s costs at checkout. There is no obligation to contribute and opting out is easy. No financial penalties apply to the campaign if participants opt out. Watch this video to see the participant's checkout process including the voluntary contribution.


All payments on Voluntary Contribution campaigns must be made via Stripe and the only costs incurred by the campaign will be Stripe’s transaction fees. Check for the fees in your region.

Covering Costs

A mandatory or optional additional fee can be added to all participants' invoices via the GalaBid platform to cover costs. Read how to do that here.


Note that on the Voluntary Contribution campaigns, notifications such as outbids and end of auction messages, are standardized, automated, and exclusively sent via email.

2) Pricing Option 2 - Fixed Fee

(No Voluntary Contributions + 4.9% Software fee + Stripe fees)

See this link to view a video walk through of the Fixed Fee Pricing Option or read through the following information:

What is It?

The Fixed Fee option means a fixed 4.9% service charge is deducted on each payment made on the campaign. For example, if the payment for an auction item is $100 your cause receives $95.1 GalaBid receives $4.9 (This excludes Stripe costs – see below).

How Does It Work?

With the Fixed Fee software option, participants are not asked to make a voluntary contribution. The fixed fee covers GalaBid’s costs.

The additional benefits of the Fixed Fee option are:

  1. Participants can be required to enter credit card details before bidding or making a donation.
  2. The campaign manager can send customised messages, in bulk, to all participants.
  3. Participants can choose to receive messages including campaign notifications, by text message, instead of email.
  4. The end of auction message can also be customised and participants who didn’t win or make any purchase or donation can receive a prompt to make a donation.  
  5. Volunteer Accounts can be used on Fixed Fee campaigns. Volunteer accounts allow campaign staff to assist guests at an in person event. Features include, register guests, place bids, buy and donations on behalf of guests, take payments and update guests' campaign preferences. Refer to the Volunteer Video in the Help Section > Operation for a complete overview.


All payments on the Fixed Fee option must be processed via Stripe. Transaction fees charged by Stripe are charged on the total amount. This total equals the invoice/transaction total amount plus the 4.9% GalaBid service fee.

How will the fee or voluntary contribution show in my Stripe account?

For information on how charges by the GalaBid platform will be reflected in your Stripe account, review our article on this here

Covering Your Costs

An additional fee can be added to all participants' invoices to cover costs, such as the 4.9% charged by GalaBid. The fee can be optional or mandatory. Read how to do that here.