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How can I re-order my items?

Last updated:
September 19, 2023

To re-order your items, go to the Items tab, click and drag the '=' symbol to the left of the item and move it to the desired order. Ensure to click save to save the new order.

The alternative is go to Items > Advanced Options and export your items, edit the order etc then save the file. Next in Advanced options again, click Import items to upload the edited file.

Do not delete any rows, columns or cells in order for the file to re-upload successfully.

You can re-order items at any time, in the case of an auction, including after it has opened and bids have been placed.

After re-ordering your items, you find the item code and order number don't match up, you can click 'Reset item codes' found at the top of the items page this will sync up the numbers so they all match.

Alternatively you can manually edit each item and enter the order number and item code yourself.