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How do I add items to a campaign?

Last updated:
October 20, 2023

Items are added via Items section in the left hand menu.

Watch this short video for a walk through of how to add items. Alternatively, read the steps below.

Add items one at a time

Simply go to the Items section in the left hand menu. Click Add Item and select the relevant item type from the drop down menu.
Complete the fields. Include one or more images and a description.

Item types on the GalaBid platform include:

Auction - This is your standard silent auction item, where your participants will compete by bidding for the item until it closes, being notified by the platform when outbid.

Donation/Crowdfunding - This is your Donation item, once created this will work as a donation button, allowing your participants to donate directly to you.

Raffle - GalaBids raffle is a solely online, generating online tickets and containing a raffle draw under the raffle controls.

Buy-It-Now - But it now allows you to sell your items for a fixed price.

No Risk Items on Consignment - These are auction items provided by GalaBid that you can add to your campaign at no cost.

Sealed Bid - These items work just like auction items however the bids are kept anonymous to the participants so the bid blind by going off the starting price and the highest bid is selected at the end.

Locked - Locked items are used for live events where participants can view the items online and then bid in person and using the volunteer mode you can add the winning bid to the item and then take the payment.

Expand Advanced options under the Item description box to access a range of additional options including, vouchers and reserve prices.  

Bulk Upload Item information

Alternatively, download the items template, complete the relevant fields and save and upload the file. Then upload images to each item.

Adding Categories

You can also add categories and add items as you create them to the relevant category or go to Categories tab, and bulk add items to the categories you have set up.