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How can free event tickets be assigned to sponsors' guests?

Last updated:
April 19, 2024

Option One

Admin Assigns Tickets

Step One

Go to Event Ticketing & Check in the dashboard and set up a free table/multi ticket item. Set the number of tickets included as the number of tickets you are ready to assign and invite guests. Note that to assign tickets you will need each guest's email address.

Step Two

Next visit your campaign link and "purchase" the table ticket. You can find your campaign's unique link in the top left hand corner in the campaign dashboard.

Campaign Link to "purchase" tickets

Instead of entering your name when making the purchase, considering entering Sponsor Ticket and a generic event email address, as the name of the purchaser and the email address are displayed on each PDF ticket.

Step Three

Once "purchased" you will be prompted to enter in each email address to assign each ticket. This sends the invite to the guest which they accept or decline. If they accept they receive their ticket via email. They are also pointed to the site to bid, buy etc if there are other fundraising items available on your GalaBid site.

Option Two

Sponsor Assigns Tickets

Step One

If you prefer sponsors to assign tickets, set up Free table ticket items for each sponsor. Include the number of tickets i.e. seats on each table. Consider adding the name of the Sponsor to the ticket Name and Description to make it easy for other purchasers to understand that the free tickets are specifically reserved for guests of the Sponsor.

Step Two

Point each sponsor to the campaign link so they can locate their table item and instruct them to "purchase" their free table ticket.  

Step Three

Each sponsor can assign their tickets by entering each guest's email address and their guests will be sent an invite.

Ticket items can be hidden by editing the ticket item, expanding Advanced Options and selecting Hide ticket on UI.

Hiding Ticket Items