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How do I check guests in at my event?

Last updated:
June 11, 2024

Event guests who have been assigned tickets can be checked in via the campaign dashboard or via a Volunteer Account. Volunteer Accounts are typically used by event staff, on mobile devices such as tablets.

Guest Check in via Volunteer Account

1) Login in to a Volunteer Account and navigate to Event Check in on the left hand menu.

Side Menu Item on Volunteer Account

2) Search the guest name and click check in. Guests who have had tickets assigned, but have not accepted or declined the invite, can be checked in.

Use the three dots to show other actions available including ticket transfer, invite resend. You can also view the purchased event ticket item.

Volunteer Account Check In Options

Guest Check in via the Campaign Dashboard

Login to the campaign dashboard with your admin login and go to Event Tickets in the left menu. Here you can also search by guest name, purchaser name or ticket number and check guests in.

Event Ticket Module

Track the status of guests in Volunteer Accounts and the Campaign Dashboard.