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How do I close individual auction items?

Last updated:
February 2, 2024

A feature that allows you to close auction items individually is not currently available, however there are other ways to achieve this.

Hiding the item

If you go to the items tab and edit the item you wish to close, you can go to the advanced options of the item, located under the item description, to change the visibility of the item to 'Hidden'. The item will no longer be displayed for participants to view and place bids. When your auction closes the highest bidder on each auction item will be notified. To hide multiple items at one time go to Items click on Bulk Update.

GalaBid Bulk Update Tab

Locked message

Another option is to change who can place bids on the item. Expand Advanced Options in the item. Advanced Options is located under the Item Description field. Change 'Who can bid/buy' to Admin only and then add 'Item is Closed' or any personalized message of your choice in the Lock message field.

GalaBid Item Advanced Options