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How do I mark invoices as paid by cash etc?

Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Adding Additional Payment Types

You may need to contact or your local representative to upgrade your GalaBid account in order to add additional payment types to your campaign.

GalaBid integrates exclusively with Stripe for online payments however manual payment types, such as cash, check etc can be added. To add a payment type got to Setup > Payments and click Add Payment Method and complete the fields.

Adding a Payment Method

When setting up payment methods fees can be included or excluded. Typically fees are only added to Stripe payment methods.

Payment Method Fields

You can add as many payment methods as required.

Payment Method Examples

Marking Invoices as paid by Payment Methods

Go to the Checkout Console in the left menu and search for and invoice by participant name or item name. Click the View Invoice button.

View Invoice button on Checkout Tab

Next click Add Payment under Invoice actions.

Add Payment to Invoice

Then select the payment method to mark the invoice as paid by.

Payment Method Selection