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How can I customize the Menu on my campaign?

Last updated:
February 2, 2024

On this section of the platform you can create menu options for the side nav of your campaign so your participants can navigate your campaign with ease, these menu options can link to specific parts of your campaign or can be linked to URLs outside the platform.

Take a look at the video, or follow the step by step process below.

To add menu options to your campaign go to the 'Setup' tab > 'Menu'

GalaBid Setup Tab > Menu

Click '+ Add Menu Option' and a popup will appear to start the creation of your Menu option.

GalaBid Menu Option Creation

Select the type of Menu option you would like from the drop down box, you may need to scroll down the selections to view all as shown below.

GalaBid Menu Option Creation

Once you have selected the type of Menu option you would like to setup, fill in the required fields for the type and then click 'Done'

GalaBid Menu Option Creation

Now your Menu option will display at the bottom of the Menu list as shown in the image below.

GalaBid Setup Tab > Menu

To rearrange the options click and drag the '=' symbol to left of the option once in place click 'Save' t the bottom right of the page.