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How do I Place a Bid on an Item for a Participant on The Dashboard?

Last updated:
June 29, 2024

While your auction is running you can manually place bids for your participants under the items tab and you can also place bids on items when the auction is closed.

Note: in order to place a bid on an item when the auction is closed there must be no previous bids on the item.

Here is a step by step process on how to do this:

1) Go to your items tab.

GalaBid Items Tab

2) Click the 3 dot to the right of your item and select 'New Bid'

GalaBid Items Tab

3) Select the participant you wish to place the bid for and then enter the bid amount, you can then toggle the 'Send Invoice Notification' if the participant requires an invoice then click 'Place Bid'

GalaBid Dashboard

Once made the bid will be placed on the participants account that you selected.

You can also view all bids that have been placed on items by selecting 'See bids and buys'

GalaBid Dashboard

This will then display all bids that have been placed on the specific item.

GalaBid Dashboard