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How do I place a bid on behalf of a participant?

Last updated:
February 20, 2024

You can also follow this brief step by step process for placing a bid on behalf of a participant below.

Step One

Go to the participant's tab on the left sidebar and click 'Volunteers'


Step Two

Copy the passcode and open the link on this page to take you to the volunteer page on the front end.


Once the link is clicked it will take you to the volunteer login, enter the passcode.


Step Three

Select the item you wish to bid on and enter the amount the participant wishes to bid.

When you enter the amount you wish to bid,  a list of your participants will be display, select the participant you wish to place the bid on behalf of, or, if they are not registered to your campaign, click 'Register now' and follow the prompts to register the bidder before placing the bid.