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How do I print item descriptions

Last updated:
June 5, 2023

Printing item descriptions for display purposes is not currently available. However all item descriptions can be with the 'Enable vouchers' feature, to understand more about our vouchers feature click Here.

You can do this by either editing the items individually or you can use the bulk update feature to apply this to all the items.

You will find the enable vouchers feature under the advanced options of the item.


Once all the items you want to print have the enable vouchers feature ticked, you need to go back to the items page and then click 'Advanced options' > 'Print vouchers'


When selected it will show you a preview of how the items will be printed.


You then have the option to download the preview or print.

If you are using the vouchers feature solely to print your items we recommend once you have completed your print/download, to disable them, so at the end of your auction your winning participants are not sent the voucher, as the platform will automatically do this when your auction closes.