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How do I create Event Tickets using the New Event Tickets Module?

Last updated:
April 20, 2024

Watch this short video or follow the steps below.

Step One

Open Event Tickets in the left had menu on the campaign dashboard. (You may need to contact GalaBid for the Event Tickets Module to be enabled on your campaign.)

Event Tickets Module

If you don't already have a GalaBid account and/or campaign set up, go to or contact your account manager.

Kindly note that to accept online payment for tickets a Stripe account must be connected to your campaign.

Step Two

Enter the details of your event, including the name of the event, venue address, date and time, overall event capacity etc.

Event Details

Step Three

Set up a ticket by completing the details for each one. Add images and detailed descriptions of inclusions and/or any terms and conditions.

Ticket Creation

Step Four

Expand the advanced options below the Ticket Description to determine if any edits are required. Edits can be made at any time. Click Create to save and create the ticket item. To apply tax to the ticket price, first set up the tax in Setup > Tax/Invoicing then use the dropdown in Advanced Settings of the ticket item to apply it.

Step Five

View, add and edit all tickets created at any time. To delete an event ticket item where purchases have been made, the payment must first be refunded in the Bids & Buys section in the Campaign Dashboard.

Ticket Items List

Step Six

See the fields ticket purchasers will need to complete when making a purchase. Add custom questions for ticket purchasers to answer in addition to the standard contact information questions. Choose the format for the question: text, multiple choice, or checkbox. Each question can be optional or mandatory. Also each question can be applied to specific tickets or all tickets.

Registration Fields