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How do I set up a raffle with prizes displayed as separate items?

Last updated:
February 8, 2024

Another way to set up a raffle on the GalaBid platform is by using One Raffle Item Type to Sell the Raffle Tickets and Locked Items to Display Each Prize in the Raffle.

Follow this tutorial video or the step by step guide below.

Once you have created your raffle item to sell the tickets, you can create a locked item to display each prize on the platform. For example if you setup your raffle item with 7 prizes available, you could then setup 7 individual locked items in order to display the raffle prizes as separate items.

These locked items would be for display purposes only. Anyone looking to buy tickets would click on the raffle item to purchase tickets to win any of the 7 items displayed.

Here is a screen shot to show you how the raffle item is setup. In this scenario the raffle item's purpose is to sell the tickets not to display the prizes that can be won in the raffle.  

GalaBid Item Setup

To set up locked items simply go to the items tab create a new item and select the item type 'Locked'. Add the prize image and complete the fields as per the screenshots below.

Here are some screenshots to show you how the locked items' fields can be completed to be used as display items.

Bear in mind that when you draw the winners, each one will receive an automatic notification which includes the prize number they have won, so number the locked items accordingly (item number = item code field). What Message do Raffle Winners Receive?

GalaBid Item Setup

Fill in the Custom label and locked message to read Prize so it shows to your participants that this is a prize available to be won in the raffle.

GalaBid Item Setup

Make sure that the 'Hide winning bidder' and 'Hide price' are ticked under the advanced options as these labels are not relevant when using the Locked item type to create display items.

GalaBid Item Setup

Finally, under 'Auction Controls' make sure to set the Auction controls to 'OPEN' so your campaign displays as 'Running' and this will avoid confusion for your participants as this section is only for Auction items.

Important Note: Do not set an Auction Closing time if your campaign does not include Auction items. The Auction Controls Section is exclusively for Auctions.