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How do I set up a Widget Page?

Last updated:
June 5, 2023

This article will explain the process step by step including a tutorial video for setting up a widget page on your campaign.

Watch this video to see how to set up a widget page on your campaign or follow the steps below.

Step One

Go to the branding tab on the left-hand sidebar and click 'Widgets' then click '+Add Widget Page' it will then take you to create the page.


Step Two

Name your widget page, if this will be the main page on your campaign that your participants will be directed to first after registration we advise you to name this page 'Home'


Step Three

Now you are ready to add your widgets do this by clicking '+ Add Widget' this will then display the edit widget pop-up as shown below.


You have 4 styles of widgets to choose from, select the style most suited to your needs then move on to widget type, this determines what your widget does whether it is just an image displaying text or directs your participants to a website, item, category, info page or another widget page.


Once you have selected your widget type and filled in the fields required, then add an image to your widget If your image already contains the text for the button you can leave the text field blank so it is not repeated, if your image does not contain the text you can add this in the text field and it will then be displayed below the image on the widget page, here is an example of a URL widget that will direct participants to the GalaBid website.


Once completed click 'Done' found at the bottom of the pop-up and this will create your widget, you can then move your widgets around by clicking and dragging the hand icon in the corner and make further edits to your widgets by clicking the pencil icon.


When you have completed your edits and you are happy with your widgets click 'Save' found at the bottom of the page this will then create the widget page and it will be displayed on the widgets tab.

Step Four

Now your widget page is created you need to add it to your campaign, to do this go to the Setup tab on the lefthand sidebar and click 'Menu'


Click '+ Add Menu Option' and you will receive a popup to create a new menu option, make sure your selection type is 'Widget page' and then select the page you just created, you can search for a wide variety of icons that your page will be displayed as on the left-hand sidebar in this image the Home icon has been added.


Once filled in click 'Done' at the bottom of the popup, then at the bottom of the menu options, you will see your widget page, to have this displayed at the top of the sidebar for your participants click and dray the '=' symbol up to the top of the menu options.


When you have done this click 'Save'

Step Five

Now you need to make the Widget page your main landing page, to do this go to the top of the page on the menu tab and click 'Homepage'


This will then give you a drop-down of the Menu options you can select to make your Homepage.


Click the name of your widget page and then scroll to the bottom and click 'Save' this will then make your page the landing page for your participants and will be displayed like this.


Now you have created your widget page.

Happy Fundraising!!