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How do I set up an Info Page?

Last updated:
June 5, 2023

This article will give you an overview of the info page and how to set one up on the GalaBid platform

Step One

Go to the setup tab on the left-hand sidebar and click 'Info pages'


You will see that there is already an info page in place called FAQs, you can make edits to this page to suit your campaign/event.

Step Two

Click '+ Add Info Page' this will take you to create your info page, the layout for this will look similar to a word document, name your info page in the 'Name' field and this is how it will appear on the front end for your participants on the lefthand sidebar.


You have a wide range of customization features on the info page to make your page look the way you want it to, you can add images, links, and videos by selecting the correct tools on the toolbar as shown below.  

Link. Image. Video.


Adding a Link

To add a link highlight the text you would like to contain your link and click the link symbol as shown below.


A popup will appear under your text and then simply paste in your URL and press enter or click save.


Once completed your text containing the link will appear blue and when you finish your info page your participants will be able to click this link.


Adding an Image

To add an image click the image symbol and then select the image file from your computer or drag it into the box displayed.


Once added your image will appear on the info page.

Adding a Video

To add a video click the video symbol, and just like setting up a link, a popup for a URL will appear, your video needs to be sourced eternally on a video-based platform such as youtube, if the video is in your files you will need to upload it to one of these platforms and then paste the URL in the pop up as shown below.


Once your link is entered click save or press enter and your video will appear on the page.


Step Three

Now you can arrange your images, text, and videos, you can do this by using the text alignment tool, highly your text or image and then click the text alignment tool as shown below.


You have the choice of lefthand side, center, and right-hand side, for this demonstration we are going to centre them.


Once you have completed your info page click save found at the bottom right corner of the page, you will then see your info page listed beneath FAQ's.

Step Four

Now your Info Page is complete you need to add it to your campaign, to do this go to Setup > Menu.


Click '+ Add Menu Option' and the popup will display to add a new menu option, in section type select info page and then link it to your new page, choose an icon, and then at the bottom of the popup click 'Done'


You can order your info page on the sidebar by clicking the '=' symbol found to the left of the menu option, once you are happy click save at the bottom of the page and your info page will be displayed on the front end for your participants.

Landing/Home page

If you would like to make your new info page your landing/Home page for your participants to be directed to first on your campaign, you can by following the steps below.

Click the box at the top of the page that says 'Hompage' if you haven't already changed this it will say 'Item List'


Then in the drop-down find your info page and select it.


Once completed scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Now your info page will be your home page that your participants are directed to first on your campaign after registration.