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How do I setup another organization?

Last updated:
February 9, 2024

To setup a new organization under the same email as your current account reach out to us on the LiveChat or send us an email to and request a new organization to be created under your current account.

If you are already apart of multiple organizations under 1 account you can navigate through the different accounts by going to 'Organization' at the top of your dashboard, if it is not displayed you may need to click the 3 dots in the top right corner.

GalaBid Dashboard

You can then select from the Organizations listed under you email by clicking the pencil icon.

GalaBid Organization Tab

Finally if you would like to create a new organization you can do this by clicking '+ ADD NEW ORGANIZATION'

Note: You can only create a new organization once you are apart of 2 seperate organizations, if you only have one linked to your account you will need to reach out to the GalaBid support team to create one for you.