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How do I use the Bulk Update Feature?

Last updated:
October 9, 2023

Checkout our tutorial video here, or view the article below to see how to use our Bulk Update feature.

The bulk update feature on the GalaBid platform is a quick and easy way to edit multiple items at once.


You can find the bulk update feature under the items tab > BULK UPDATE. The first step is to select the items you wish to update, you can select the items by ticking the white box found to the left of the item or you can select them all by clicking the white box at the top and then click next at the bottom of the page.


Once your items are selected, click next and it will take you to the editing page, if you have raffle, donation, buy it now and auction items selected you will find there is a section for each type of item on the update page, you can then make the updates you wish to the items and click save at the bottom of the page to save it to all the selected items.

Here are a few examples of how to use the bulk update feature, this first screenshot shows how to change the visibility to hidden on an item using the bulk update feature this will then affect all selected items.


If you are using the platform to run an auction you may want to hide the winning bidders on all your auction items this can be done using the bulk update.


If you you would like vouchers enabled on all your auction items, the bulk update feature is a good way to do this quickly without editing each individual item, for more information on how to setup vouchers check out this article