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What email or text message notification is sent to a raffle ticket purchaser?

Last updated:
May 16, 2024

Raffle ticket purchasers receive an email or a text message including a link to view the raffle tickets they have purchased. This is an example of an email notification:

Email Notification to Raffle Ticket Purchasers

Clicking on the Tickets button takes the purchaser to their account on the campaign where they can see their ticket numbers, the status of the draw and a link to view the raffle item.

Raffle Tickets View on My Account

Ticket Purchasers who enter an email address will also receive an invoice.

Raffle Purchase Invoice sent by Email

Depending on the registration settings in the campaign, Raffle tickets may be distributed to some or all purchasers via text message instead of email.

This is an example of the text message notification and the link to the My Account area on the campaign to view ticket numbers etc

Raffle tickets delivered by Text Message

An automated notification is also sent to each prize winner once the raffle has been drawn.