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How do Sealed Bid items work?

Last updated:
June 6, 2023

This article will explain how the Sealed bid items work on the GalaBid platform.

View this video or read the instructions below to see how they work and how to set one up on your campaign.

Sealed bid items work in the same way as auction items, except the bids are concealed from other bidders. Bidders will not be notified if they have been outbid during a sealed bid auction. Their status (either outbid or winning) will be hidden from the bidder and all other participants. At the end of the auction, the participant that placed the highest bid on the item will win and be notified. If the item has a quantity of more than one the highest bidders will win in line with the quantity available.


Sealed bid settings can be edited in Advanced options.  


Here you can see how Sealed bid items appear on the front end of your campaign for participants to see, the starting bid will always remain the same and the participants place their bid not knowing what bids other bidders have placed.