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How do supporters interact with my GalaBid fundraising campaign?

Last updated:
February 9, 2024

The Participant Experience

View, Register and Bid/Buy/Donate

As GalaBid is web based, there is no need for participants to download an app. They simply visit the link, view the auction items and place bids, make purchases, donations or buy tickets depending on the item types included in the campaign.

They will be prompted to register before they place their first bid or make a purchase/donation.  

Participants in auction campaigns receive automated notifications when they have been outbid. Once the auction has closed, winners receive a notification of items won and their total owing, including a link to pay securely and download their invoice.  

When participants make a purchase or a donation on GalaBid they immediately receive a copy of their invoice, showing the purchase/donation and amount paid.  


In most campaigns on GalaBid participants pay online via a credit or debit card or Google or Apple Pay. If pre-authorization is enabled participants must connect a digital wallet or enter a card before placing a bid or purchasing an item where pay now is switched off. Campaign administrators have the option to securely charge pre-authorized payment methods.