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How do table ticket purchasers invite and manage guests?

Last updated:
April 10, 2024

How do table ticket purchasers purchase and assign tickets?

Check out this tutorial video to guide you through this process or you can follow the article below.

Multi-Ticket/Table Purchase

1) Open the ticket item on the campaign link and enter the number of multi-ticket/tables you would like to purchase.

Table Ticket Purchase

2) Next, register your details or Login if you already have an account on GalaBid.

Registration Prompt

3) Follow the prompts and make payment via card, Google or Apple Pay. You will receive a copy of the invoice for this purchase to your email address.

Viewing Purchased Tickets

After your payment has been completed, you will be prompted to assign the tickets.

You can also skip and return to this at a later time. When you are ready to assign tickets, navigate to the ticket item where you can click on View Purchased Tickets and assign seats/tickets to your guests.

Event Ticket Item

Alternatively, open My Account > Event Tickets to view and assign each ticket.

Tickets Purchased List

Assigning Tickets to Guests

The first ticket will be assigned to yourself. Uncheck "Assign to me" if not attending and instead assign the ticket to a guest.

To assign a ticket enter your guest's details.  Complete the fields and submit.

Assign Table Ticket/Seat

Additional Questions

Complete the questions fields or skip. The guest will be prompted to answer if no choice has been pre-filled. The guest will also be able to edit the answers to any questions completed on their behalf.

Registration Questions

Guest Invites

Your guest will receive an invite via email including the options to accept or decline the invite.

Invited Guest Email

If the guest accepts the invite they will be prompted to create a password to confirm attendance and complete their account.

They are now also registered and ready to partake in fundraising activities including bidding on auction items, purchasing raffle tickets and making donations!

Guest Account Completion

Ticket Delivery

Once the invite has been accepted, the guest will receive an email with their ticket attached as a PDF.

Sample Event Ticket

Transferring Tickets

If an invited guest, declines, doesn't respond or requests that the invite be sent to another guest you can transfer their ticket. If a ticket is transferred the original invitee will receive a notification that the ticket has been cancelled.

To transfer tickets, login in to your GalaBid account at the link where you purchased the tickets. Open My Account to view and transfer tickets as required.