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How does bidding work when the item quantity is more than one?

Last updated:
February 2, 2024

You can set up your auction item with more than 1 unit available, for example 3, as shown here in this screenshot below.

GalaBid Item Creation

This means the top 3 highest bidders will win an item. While the auction is ongoing the 3 bidders with the highest bids will see the Winning Status badge on the item. The bidder with the lowest bid amount will be notified when they are no longer one of the top 3 highest bidders. Or the bidder who bid last (if all 3 bids placed were the same amount) will be notified that they have been outbid.

Note that a participant is only able to bid on one of the units available, if they wish to bid on more than one they will need to bid using a different account or you can list each item separately by duplicating the item and having a quantity of 1 on each, view this article to see How to Duplicate Items.

Leaderboards display the name and bid amount of the single highest bidder only.