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How does text to register work?

Last updated:
February 15, 2024

Benefits of Text to Register

Participants text the campaign's url extension to a mobile number to fast track the registration process. They then click the link in the text they receive from GalaBid, to verify their phone number and complete any additional registration fields. Fundraisers find this especially useful at in person events as guests don't always have access to their email on their phones.

Kindly note you may need to upgrade your GalaBid account to access Text to Register.

Text to Register Instructions

We recommend that the host/MC asks the audience to take out their phones and send the registration text to the number on the screen right then and there. The entire room is then registered and ready to bid on their own device.

The text to register instructions can be included on your auction leader board.

GalaBid Leaderboard

In the GalaBid dashboard see the Useful Documents section for instructions your MC can read out.