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How does the Communications Module work?

Last updated:
May 16, 2024

To send a message to an individual participant go to the Participants Section.

The Communications Section allows you to send or schedule bulk notifications to participants in your campaign. Choose from popular template notifications or customize your own. Include campaign or promoted item links.

This module also allows you to preview all default notifications. You can edit specific default notifications, such as winning bidder and unsuccessful bidder notifications on auction campaigns.

You can also manage the Activity feed on your campaign via the Communications Section.

Here is a tutorial video on how the communications module works on the GalaBid platform.

Notifications Tab

On the Notifications tab you can send or schedule notifications. You can also edit selected default notifications and preview all default notifications.

To create your own announcement or notification  click '+ NEW NOTIFICATION' a pop up will then appear for you to compose your message.
You can choose from a variety of pre-defined templates or you can select 'No Template' and create your own notification.

Placeholders can be used to customise your message, by entering the placeholder as highlighted in the image below it will automatically include that information in the message, so for example if you input: Hi! {{first_name}} Welcome. : it will display the name of the participant on that account.

If you click 'MORE OPTIONS' you can choose a specific item to be included as the item link placeholder. For example if you promote a donation item, this donation item will be included in the 'Unsuccessful bidder' notification. This will make it easy for participants receiving this notification to make a donation.

The notifications templates are pre-constructed messages you can use to send to your participants.

On the Activity feed page you can view all the messages sent on your campaign from your participants, you can delete the messages here but to reply you will need to go to the front end or under the participants tab send a direct message to that participant.

For more information on the Activity feed check out this article.