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Participants are not receiving text messages?

Last updated:
June 9, 2023

Campaign Inclusions

Firstly check that the pricing option your campaign includes text message functionality. You may need to upgrade your account to access this feature.

Unsubscribed Participant

If neither of the above apply it is likely that the participant on your campaign has unsubscribed from GalaBid in the past.

To resubscribe, the participant can text START to the number in use for your campaign.

To find out if any participant has unsubscribed login into a Volunteer Account, click Guests, search the guest name and view their subscription status.

Instruct the participant/guest to resubscribe by texting START to the number in use for your campaign. See this screenshot to see where the number in use on your campaign is visible next to the participant's status.

You can also find the number in use on your campaign in Setup > General > Advanced Options.

Cell Phone Carrier Issue

Another reason a participant(s) is not receiving the text may be due an issue with their cell phone carrier. In this case, the participant can click on my Account when logged into a campaign and uncheck the box to receive notifications via text. Subsequent notifications will be sent via email.

Using a volunteer account a campaign administrator can also edit the participant's details to change their preference from receiving notifications via text message to email by unchecking the text notifications box.

Check Setup > Registration to see if email is enabled on your campaign.

Text Message Service Provider

Lastly if multiple participants are not receiving text messages make contact with our support team. GalaBid utilises two different text message service providers to receive and deliver text messages to participants. There may be an issue/outage with the one your campaign is set to. Our support team can investigate and switch your campaign over to the alternative provider.