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How do I set up a Prize Draw or Sweepstake as an alternative to a Raffle?

Last updated:
April 12, 2024

Gambling Law

Fundraisers need to check local laws that are applicable to online raffles. In some locations a prize draw or sweepstake is a viable alternative where online raffles are prohibited or restricted. Check the laws pertaining to sweepstakes and prize draws before proceeding.

Kindly note that GalaBid can only be used for prize draws that include a paid entry. Prize draws with all free entries are not available.

How is a Prize Draw Different to a Raffle

A prize draw includes the option for participants to enter free of charge or pay for a ticket. The free of charge entry option must be visible to potential participants. A free entry by post, alongside the option to purchase a ticket online is typically how fundraising prize draws or sweepstakes operate.

See the description on this example prize draw.

A raffle exclusively allows entry via paid tickets.

Note that as the purpose of the draw is to raise money for a good cause the number of free entries submitted on any draw is likely to be very low, if any at all.

How to Set up a Prize Draw on GalaBid

When planning a prize draw on GalaBid use the raffle item type and name it Prize Draw instead of raffle. Include an address and instructions on how to send in postal or email entries free of charge. Add any free postal entries received to the draw using a GalaBid volunteer account. Free entrants will then receive their online ticket in the same way as paid entrants. For assistance with adding free entrants contact our online chat support team.