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What do the status labels mean in Participants?

Last updated:
June 6, 2023

Once participants begin the registration process their details appear as rows in the Participants table. There are 4 possibilities for Registration Status

No Invite

The participant already has an account on GalaBid as they have previously registered for another campaign. They have logged in to the new campaign instead of registering. They will be prompted to enter any additional data/check terms and conditions required by the new campaign when they bid, buy or donate.

Invite Sent

The participant has been invited to the campaign by the administrator via the Participants section. The invite email has been sent but the participant has not yet clicked the link to verify their email and complete their registration.



The participant has clicked the button in the email and verified their email address however they have not yet completed the additional fields available or required by the campaign. These fields include custom fields added by the campaign administrator, the checkbox to receive notifications via text message (available of Fixed Perentage campaigns) and Terms and Conditions if enabled. They will also include credit card details if pre-authorization is enabled.

To edit registration fields go to Setup > Registration on the dashboard.



The participant has verified their contact details and completed any additional fields required or available on the campaign. Their account is complete.