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What functionality is available in Volunteer Accounts?

Last updated:
February 20, 2024

Volunteer accounts are typically used at in-person events by staff or volunteers on mobile devices such as iPads or any tablet or phone. Event staff or volunteers who are logged into a Volunteer account can perform the following tasks:

- Registering Participants ( 1:29 in the video below)

- Placing a Bid, and making purchases on behalf of participants, (1:42 - in the video below)

- Recording the winning bid in for a live (locked) item and taking payment while the silent auction is still running or after it has closed. (2:22 in the video below)

- Accessing participants' accounts to update preferences etc - for example access a participant's account and make them anonymous or check the box to send campaign notifications via text message instead of by email. (3.00 in the video below) 

- Assisting participants with checkout ( 3:10 in the video below)

See 0:28 in the video to learn how to set up a Volunteer Account and 1:07 to learn how to log into a Volunteer Account

Kindly note you may need to upgrade your GalaBid Campaign or Account to access Volunteer Accounts.