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What should I include on the participants' invoice/receipt template?

Last updated:
June 5, 2023

Edit and preview the invoice that is sent by GalaBid to campaign participants at Setup > Tax/ Invoicing.

As a minimum include the name of the individual or the organization collecting payments on the campaign, and contact details including an an email address etc for queries. If applicable a logo can also be added.

Note that as payments are made the invoice is updated showing any outstanding amount. Once the invoice is shown as fully paid it also serves as a receipt.

Participants are able to download their own invoice and send it to an email address. This is done by either clicking on the link received by GalaBid in an email or a text (email v text is dependant on how the campaign is set up), or by clicking checkout, when logged into the campaign. Checkout is visible on auctions once the auction has closed.