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Why are the payment amounts showing in Stripe different to GalaBid?

Last updated:
October 19, 2023

Download the Invoices Report in the ReportsSection in the left hand menu. This report gives a comprehensive summary of all financial information available for your campaign.

See the line items that make up each total on the participant's invoice and the sub total for each one. In the example below the invoice total for Anne Jones is $75


See the total amount paid. This includes any voluntary contribution amount paid to GalaBid (Voluntary Contribution campaigns only).

In this example Anne Jones paid a total of $80.63 = $75.00 (invoice total) + Voluntary Contribution/Tip $5.63


See the method of payment, any amounts that have been refunded, and any taxes or fees that have been set up and applied by the campaign administrator.

Whether items have been marked as dispatched, notes added to the invoice in the Checkout Console are also included in this report along with contact details for participants.

Amount showing in Stripe

If the total paid amount was paid in a single transaction the payment will show in Stripe as follows


Stripe charges fees on the total amount paid which includes any voluntary contribution paid by the participant to GalaBid. Following the Anne Jones example, fees are charged on $80.63

The bank account will receive a net amount of $72.36. Stripe labels any voluntary contribution paid to GalaBid as "Application fees" for more information on "Application fees" in Stripe view our article here

Note that in the case of an invoice in GalaBid where multiple payments have been made, for example a raffle ticket is purchased as one payment and subsequently the balance is paid after an auction has closed, the payments will appear in the payments list in Stripe as two separate payments.