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Why is a payment showing as a subscription in my bank account?

Last updated:
January 30, 2024

We use Stripe as our payment gateway for GalaBid and, to add cards to your account, we use a Stripe Setup Intent.

A Stripe Setup Intent is designed to set up a customer's payment credentials for future payments.

It's used when you want to collect payment details and possibly charge them at a later time.
The intention here is not to start a subscription, but to prepare for any kind of future payment, which could include one-off payments, adding a new card to a customer's account, or indeed, setting up a subscription.

With the GalaBid platform, the setup intent is used to save the card details to your account so that you can continue to make purchases with your saved card, not to set up a subscription.

Kindly note that some financial institutions may interpret any pre-authorisation or card verification transaction as an indication of a recurring payment setup, such as a subscription.

Rest assured GalaBid has not set up a subscription. Reach out to our chat support team if you have any further questions.