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Can I combine paper tickets with GalaBid's online raffle?

Last updated:
February 8, 2024

Combining paper tickets with an online raffle is not recommended as GalaBid automatically issues digital tickets and only digital ticket numbers are included in the draw and on the projector.

If you want to run a paper based raffle you would need to run it outside of GalaBid and ideally have a quick way to take card payments, a machine that will allow purchasers to tap and pay ideally.
A quick way to pay is best for when a participant only wants to buy raffle tickets.

If running a manual raffle you could have a buy now item set up on GalaBid that is only accessible on volunteer mode.
That way a volunteer/staff member could collect payment via GalaBid and hand over the paper tickets.
This process works well if they are already registered or want to also partake in an auction.
If the participant is not already registered on GalaBid, registration and typing in the credit card can make this a long process, if the participant only wishes to buy raffle tickets.

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