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Can I distribute free Raffle tickets?

Last updated:
August 30, 2023

Raffle tickets cannot be allocated to participants free of charge.

However, raffle ticket prices are editable and campaign administrators can use Volunteer to purchase raffle tickets for participants. You may need to upgrade your account to access Volunteer accounts.

Step One: Temporarily edit the raffle price

As the raffle ticket price is editable (Items > Edit Item) the price can be temporarily reduced to a nominal amount, $5 for example.

Step Two: Purchase using Volunteer Account

Use the volunteer account to purchase the ticket(s) on behalf of the participant. Note that a credit or debit card is required to process the payment.  

A notification is automatically sent to the participant via email or text. The notification includes a link to view the raffle ticket number(s).

Step Three: Re-instate the Retail Price

Once complete, the price can be edited (Items > Edit Item) to re-instate original price for other participants to purchase. Changing the price doesn't affect the raffle tickets previously purchased and allocated.

See this article for a walk through of Volunteer Mode. The example shows placing a bid on behalf of a participant, however, purchasing a raffle ticket on behalf of a participant follows a similar process.