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How do I add shipping costs?

Last updated:
January 10, 2024

There are 3 ways to add the cost of shipping to your items.

Option One

Add the cost of shipping in the starting bid or for Buy Now items as part of the purchase price.

Item descriptions typically include a statement along the lines of:

Includes shipping to an address in mainland Europe. Allow 7 days for delivery.

This is the most simple way to add shipping costs.

Option Two

Add the shipping cost as a fee (using the add tax/fee feature) to your participants' invoices.

This method requires you to set the fee as a percentage of the final amount (winning bid for example). To be applied the percentage fee must then be added to specific items. The same percentage applies to each item. With option one you can vary the shipping amount item by item.

To learn more about this method follow our article on how to apply tax/percentage fee here

Option Three

Create a donation item and choose to set Pay Now to Off. Name the item something along the lines of Shipping Costs.

When the auction has closed, login on a Volunteer Account (you may need to upgrade your GalaBid account to access Volunteer accounts).

Next open the item and enter the shipping amount.

Next, search and select the name of the winner of the item to add this shipping amount to their invoice.

Repeat as necessary for each item where shipping costs apply.

Now when each participants goes to their invoice the shipping amount will show as outstanding and they can make payment. For more information on volunteer accounts see this article.