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How do I login if I have multiple Organizations connected to my email?

Last updated:
January 20, 2024

Login in at To navigate between multiple organizations linked to your email click 'Organization' at the top of your dashboard.

GalaBid Dashboard

If the menu is not displayed like the image above due to the screen size click the 3 dots in the right hand corner, a drop down will then appear showing the options for you to choose from.

GalaBid Organizations Page

Once selected your organizations will be listed on the page like the image above.

Alternatively you can login via our client link and use the specific login alias for the organization, here is how to do this.

Click here to login via our Client Login Link.

Once selected you will see the login page with an extra field to enter your 'Organization Name' here is where you will input your organization alias.

GalaBid Login Page

Your organization alias can be found under your organization details as shown in the image below. Reach out to our team if for assistance if you don't know the name of your organization.

GalaBid Organization Details Page

As you can see here the organization name is 'Cutlery for the World' so for the alias all capitals are replaced with lower case letters and spaces are replaced with the dash symbol '-', if your organization name is an email address for exampled '' the alias will be 'septagramadummygmailcom' the '@' and '.' are removed.

Here is how it should look once the information is entered.

GalaBid Login Page

Organization name with an email address:

GalaBid Login Page