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How to accept pre-bids on locked / live auction Items?

Last updated:
April 25, 2024

Setting up a live item to accept bids before the item is sold by an auctioneer

Live items (aka locked items) include a checkbox which, when ticked, allows bidding on the item. GalaBid campaign administrators tick this box to enable bids to be placed before the auctioneer takes over. Administrators typically allow pre-bidding in the days leading up to the live auction.

Note that pre-bids are not included in your campaign's total raised. The highest pre-bid is never counted as the winning bid.

To enter a winning bid the bid must be entered using a Volunteer account. Once entered via a volunteer account it will be added to the participant's invoice.

Only winning bids entered using a volunteer account are added to the campaign's total raised.

Read our article about entering winning bids on live items in GalaBid and taking payments for live auction items using GalaBid.

Video Overview of live (aka locked) items and pre-bidding settings