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How to create and display a leaderboard on your campaign.

Last updated:
September 19, 2023

To create and display a leaderboard on your campaign follow the tutorial video or follow the step by step process below.

Step 1) Go to the 'Projector Displays' tab on your dashboard and click 'Add Projector'

Step 2) Name your projector and select a template, we have a variety of templates to choose from to setup your leaderboard, for this demo we are going to use the standard Rows - White Background template, used for Auctions.

Step 3) Edit your Projector display/Leaderboard by clicking the pencil icon (Edit) next to the projector you just created.

Step 4) Now you have created the display you will need to customise it to suit your campaign, once you have selected 'Edit' it will take you to edit screen for your projector display and it will look like this.

Your items will be displayed in a row as shown on the image above and you will see you have a timer, logo, register to bid at: and notification box.

Step 5) Adding your logo, to do this click the 'Your Logo' image, you will find the tool bar on the left will automatically open the section for adding images, click 'Add Image' and select your logo from your files.

Once selected your image will appear in the centre of the leaderboard, you can then click and drag the image to replace the 'Your Logo' image, once in place click the 'Your Logo' image and select the bin icon on the tool bar to remove it.

Step 6) Adding your campaign name for participants to register, to edit the 'Register to bid at:' text you will need to move the tool bar to do this click and drag the arrows icon at the top of the text box as shown below.

Drag the tool bar across the page until the 'Register to bid at:' text is visible, once visible click on the text that says '' and the tool bar will then display the section to edit this text.

Once selected you can then edit the text and change 'tbc' to the name of your campaign the best way to do this is to copy and paste the name from your invitation link, for example:

Now if you click 'Preview' on the tool bar it will show you how the leaderboard will be displayed to your participants and it will look similar to the demo image shown below.

If you have any questions feel free to reach-out to us here.