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How do I add paddle numbers for a Paddle Raise?

Last updated:
June 12, 2024

If you are running a paddle raise to collect pledges at your event you may wish to use GalaBid to record and add the pledge amount to the event guest's invoice on GalaBid. Here is how you can do this.

1) Donation Item with Pay Now Disabled

1) Firstly set up a donation item with pay now disabled. In advanced options change who can bid/buy to Volunteers and Admins only.

GalaBid Items Tab

2) Add Paddle Number to the Name Field

2) When assigning a paddle to a guest at the event, add the paddle number to the guest's record on GalaBid. This can be done via a Volunteer Account or via the Participant's section in the dashboard.

Via a Volunteer Account

Log in to a Volunteer account, click on Guests and search and edit the guest's name. A dedicated paddle number field is not yet available in GalaBid, however, the paddle number can be added to the Name field.

GalaBid Volunteer Module

If the guest has not yet registered on GalaBid they can be registered via a Volunteer Account and their paddle number can be included in the name field during the registration process.

GalaBid Volunteer Module

For more information on how the volunteer module works on the GalaBid platform check out our help centre article on how to use the volunteer accounts.

Via the Participant's Section on the Campaign Admin Dashboard

If the guest is already registered on GalaBid or has been invited to participate, search their name on the Participant's section of the Campaign Dashboard. Edit the name field to include the paddle number.

GalaBid Participants Tab

Guests can be invited one at a time to register on GalaBid via the Participant's section of the Campaign Dashboard. A Bulk Invite feature is not yet available.

3) Search the Paddle number and Enter the Pledge amount

3) So long as all guests are registered on GalaBid, and their paddle numbers are included in the name field, event staff logged into Volunteer Accounts can enter a paddle number when searching the participants. This allows them to quickly locate the donor and make the pledge on their behalf. This can be done live during the paddle raise.

GalaBid Volunteer Module

Alternatively, if pledge numbers and amounts are written down they can be entered via a Volunteer Account after the Paddle Raise.

4) Payments

Making the pledge on behalf of the guest using a Volunteer account adds the pledge amount to the guest's invoice. The guest will be prompted to pay once the silent auction closes.

GalaBid Participant Invoice

If the silent auction has already closed the campaign admin can use the payment reminder feature in the Checkout Console to prompt guests to make payment.

GalaBid Checkout Console

5) Pledge Leaderboard

Pop up Notifications can show on a campaign leaderboard each time a pledge is made. You can also add a thermometer to a leaderboard along with a target amount. The thermometer can be set up to count donations only and fills ups with each new pledge/donation.

Check out our article on how to setup a thermometer on your projector display.