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How is GalaBid's Live Item type used to display a Live Auction Item?

Last updated:
April 25, 2024

What is a live item type on GalaBid?

The name of this item type was been changed from locked to live on GalaBid on 27 March 2024.

A Live item is a display only item by default. Live items are most often used to display the details of auction items that will be sold by an auctioneer to an in-person audience.

How does a Live Auction run?

Guests at an event will raise their hand or a paddle provided by the organiser to bid on live auction items with the auctioneer confirming their bids verbally.

Why use the live Item type to showcase Live Auction items?

Using the live item type to showcase live auction items on GalaBid alongside your silent auction is a great way to get your event guests excited and informed about the details of these items. If guests are well informed and emotionally engaged with these items pre-event they are more likely to actively participate with higher and more frequent bids during the live auction itself.

Can bids be placed on Live Items?

Leave the pre-bidding box in the live item's settings unticked if the locked item's purpose is to display the live item only.

However, if you would like to accept bids before the live auction begins and/or if you would like to enter the winning bid placed in person during the live auction, read the article about allowing pre-bids on live items and the article on entering winning bids and taking payment on live items for a live auction at an event.

Note that pre-bids are not included in your campaign's total raised. The highest pre-bid is never counted as the winning bid.

To enter a winning bid the bid must be entered using a Volunteer account. Once entered via a volunteer account it will be added to the participant's invoice.

Only winning bids entered using a volunteer account are added to the campaign's total raised.