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How do I set up an advanced Raffle on GalaBid?

Last updated:
May 16, 2024

Raffle Format - Campaign including multiple raffles

Follow this link to see a campaign including multiple raffles. One raffle item equals one draw. Purchasers buy tickets for raffles they wish to enter, one raffle item at a time. They only enter card details once to purchase tickets in the first raffle. Purchases of tickets in subsequent raffles is via a couple of clicks as card details are securely stored.

Raffle Format - Raffle Ticket Item and Display Items for Prizes

Follow this link to see an example where the raffle item is used to sell tickets to win any of the prizes, and each prize is set up as a locked item type, displaying each prize as an individual display item. In addition to the simple raffle set up article read this article to find out how to set up your raffle this way.