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Raffle - Step by Step Guide

Last updated:
December 9, 2023

Raffle Format Options

1) Simple Raffle Format

Follow this link to see an example raffle. In this example the description includes the details of each prize. This is the easiest way to set up a raffle on GalaBid.

Simple Raffle Set Up - Step by Step

1) Set up a campaign. Next go to the Items section in the left hand menu and add a raffle item. (Note that one raffle item equals one raffle draw.) See this article and video on adding items.

2) Add a name for your raffle item.

3) Enter the number of prizes available in this raffle.

4) Set the ticket price, total tickets available and the maximum any one participant can purchase.

Note that purchasers purchase tickets for one raffle item at a time. If there are multiple raffle items available and the the purchaser purchases tickets for more than one raffle they only need to enter their card details for the first purchase. The card information is securely stored and subsequent purchases are quickly processed via a couple of clicks.

5) To create packages of tickets complete the package details.


Tip: If you wish to hide the number of tickets available for sale, this option can be unticked or ticketed in the Advanced Options section (under the description box).

6) Use the Item description to list the prizes, Prize 1, Prize 2 etc.. It's important to include the prize numbers along with the name of the prize as the automatic notifications sent to winners only include prize numbers. The notification will also include a link to view the Raffle.

Example of the Automatic Notification the winner of prize number 3 in Raffle 1 will receive:

Your raffle ticket 79 has won prize 3 in the raffle draw.

Also, use the item description to add additional relevant information relating to the raffle along with any terms and conditions.

7) Add images to the raffle item as required.

8) Save the item.

9) Go to Setup >Menu and hide or edit the FAQ to make this page relevant for your raffle.


10) Edit the item and Click OPEN FOR PURCHASE to make the tickets available for sale.

11) Edit the item and Click CLOSE FOR DRAW

Important Note: Do not set an Auction Closing time if your campaign does not include Auction items. The Auction Controls Section is exclusively for Auctions.

2) Campaign including multiple raffles

Follow this link to see a campaign including multiple raffles. One raffle item equals one draw. Purchasers buy tickets for raffles they wish to enter, one raffle item at a time. They only enter card details once to purchase tickets in the first raffle. Purchases of tickets in subsequent raffles is via a couple of clicks as card details are securely stored.

3) Raffle Ticket Item and Display Items for Prizes

Follow this link to see an example where the raffle item is used to sell tickets to win any of the prizes, and each prize is set up as a locked item type, displaying each prize as an individual display item. In addition to the set up instructions below read this article to find out how to set up your raffle this way.  

User Experience

Follow this link for a video walk through of a raffle ticket purchase, how the raffle is closed and an example of the raffle leaderboard.


When setting up any raffle or prize draw, check and follow local laws relating to online gambling and raffles.

If you are required to add any legal information in your raffle, add this information into the raffle item description.

Drawing the Raffle

Go to the Raffle Draw in the Menu on the Left to draw your winners.

Please Note:

  1. The draw is random. The same ticket purchaser could win more than one prize if they purchase more than one ticket.
  2. Each time a raffle is drawn or redrawn the winner is automatically notified of their win. Only redraw if you have alerted the the original winner of the reason for the redraw.

See this short on how video on Drawing the Raffle.

Raffle Display

To see how to set up and run a Raffle Display for a live event watch this short video.